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SunnyHeat, a heating system with benefits

SunnyHeat is the leading, international brand for infrared heating panel systems that can efficiently heat your whole house or just individual rooms like your bathroom.

The individual panels look like picture frames and radiate soothing warmth that feels like sunshine. Imagine a very natural feel of gentle heat that is good for your whole body and for the environment.

Sunny Heat is a full 100% German product, designed and manufactured in Germany and regarded the best of its kind in the world. It is very easy to install, can be easily moved and is maintenance-free. It is the only infrared heating system available that is continuously electronically regulated by an IST (Intelligent Saving Thermostat) and for this reason, the energy consumption is kept at a minimum.

You simply choose where you want the panels placed to maximise the heating of the room. It’s as simple as plugging in the device and enjoying the instant heat. SunnyHeat is revolutionary in function as well as appearance. You can choose a design matching your current interior look or even hide the heating system by making it look like a mirror. There are numerous aesthetic options.

SunnyHeat infrared heating How does it work?
Infrared heating doesn’t heat the air like traditional convection heating. It heats all objects in the room like floors, walls, ceilings etc. These objects radiate the heat back out to the air in the room and in the process ensure an optimum, comfortable and healthy environment. The result is a room with even temperature throughout - no dust circulation or cold spots.

It’s economical

The device for sending the information to the panel every 5 sec is the IST. It is wireless so you place it where you want to feel the desired temperature. The IST allows you to change different heating parameters in order to adapt to the heating requirements on or in individual rooms. The infrared panels will ONLY use energy when the desired temperature is not yet reached. It’s no wonder the panels are reducing heating costs by more than 50%.

...and good for you

SunnyHeat Infrared Heating panels have numerous health benefits. The heating system does not influence the air quality in your house. Dry air is no longer an issue as the panels don’t change the relative humidity of the air. The panels have a positive effect on sufferers of asthma, allergies and arthritis. They eliminate dampness and mould, improve blood flow and even contribute to cell regeneration as well as stimulate the metabolism. The infrared heating from SunnyHeat does more than provide a comfortable room temperature. Rest assured your family is simply better off with SunnyHeat.

The Aussie Green Group, the sole distributor of SunnyHeat in Australia, is passionate about saving energy and aligns itself with quality products that offer innovative and efficient solutions that benefit people and the environment.