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Smart heating choice

It’s that time of the year again: the time for winter woollies, rugging up and spending more on your heating bill.

Origin Energy When making decisions about your home design, it pays to give a little extra thought to heating it more efficiently.

Origin has some simple tips for heating your home that can take the sting out of your winter energy bill:

Think smart from the start – maximise your passive energy efficiency features

Consider your building materials – sure the little piggy’s brick house survived the wolf’s ‘big blow’ but he could have saved on heating if the external walls were double brick and included appropriate ceiling insulation

Upgrade your insulation, invest in quality lined curtains to prevent draughts from windows and consider double glazing.

When you are in your home, maintain window and door seals and warm your timber and tile floors with well fitting rugs and mats. Something as traditional as cloth door “sausages” laid in front of external doors are a must to keep out draughts.

Choosing the best heat source

If you’re planning on installing an electric-powered heat source, double-check its efficiency.

In many cases, inverter type reverse cycle air conditioners are a good choice but be sure to look for one with a high energy rating and always use in accordance with manufacturer instructions - to minimise it’s impact on your bill.

Ensure your heating choice is adequate for the room size. Beware of cheap portable heaters. They may cost less to buy but can be expensive to run.

The green option

For those who want to reduce their impact on the environment, green energy is another alternative.

GreenPower is electricity generated predominately from hydropower and wind sources is one of the easiest ways to reduce your household’s greenhouse gas emissions from electricity consumption.

Origin is the largest GreenPower provider in Australia and has a range of plans to suit your budget.

For only $1 extra per week you can opt for 25% Origin GreenPower. Choosing 25% Origin GreenPower reduces your household’s greenhouse gas emissions from electricity use by a quarter over a year. That’s equivalent to not using power for 3 months! *

For more information on energy efficiency and GreenPower visit

*Based on the estimation of the average household (as defined in “Energy Use in the Australian Residential Sector" report, Department of Climate Change, 2008) consuming 6840 kWh pa. at an emissions factor of 1 kg CO2e = 1 kWh.