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Fireplaces are a flaming good idea

Functional and fantastic to look at. There is no doubt that a fireplace has a functional role in any room but with the latest range of wood and gas fireplaces showcased by Lopi, it is obvious that their aesthetic appeal is just as impressive.

Lopi Fireplaces the Diamond FyreThe current range is exciting and diverse. It includes traditional and classic styles plus sleek and more contemporary models. There is nothing quite like the ambience created by a fireplace and with more than twenty designs provided by Lopi, there are options to heat the whole home or just a particular room.

The design of fireplaces is continuing to improve and evolve, so much so that a Lopi fireplace is an architectural focal point as much as a heating source. Whilst wood fireplaces are still available, there are significant developments in gas models. Two exciting new products for this winter are Lopi’s Cypress Fireplace and the stunning new Diamond Fry - cutting edge designs with the very latest technological advancements.

The Cypress is a unique freestanding fireplace that has the ability to heat up to 180 square metres. It can be viewed from three sides so is quite revolutionary in design and has a 3 star energy rating. Three types of media or presentation features are available – log, pebble or driftwood so you can choose the aesthetic appearance that best suits the style of your home.

The Diamond Fyre is brand new technology that has a ribbon type burner, glass media base with 6 accent lights, a shadow box face and a 3 star energy rating. Both of these latest designs have all the Greensmart features.

What are the Greensmart™ features for fireplaces?

The patent pending Greensmart System is the most innovative collection of components, controls and technology that when combined provide an elegant, smarter and greener way to heat your home. Standard features include accent lights, flame adjustments and a choice of pilot lights. The optional Greensmart remote allows you to run the fireplace in “smart thermostat mode” that automatically adjusts the heat output based on a temperature setting–so the flame will modulate up/down as opposed to shutting off/on. This conserves fuel and maximises heating ability whilst extending the viewing pleasure of the fire.

The fireplace has come a long way from its humble beginnings and has progressed from being a necessity as the only heat source available decades ago to something people are CHOOSING to have in their homes for aesthetic, environmental as well as heating reasons. Whether you are renovating a house with traditional character or building a modern contemporary home, there is a Lopi fireplace to not only suit but enhance the look and feel you want to create in your home.

For more information on the current range of Lopi wood and gas fireplaces including design options and functional features contact Home Option Gallery on 8860 9333 and visit You will be inspired.