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First impressions count

Your mother always told you: first impressions are very important. The same applies to your home. Street appeal is one of the main attraction points that entices a prospective buyer to walk through your front door.

Corinthian Doors Sunburst Entrance Door If the first impression is not positive, in less than 10 seconds they may sum up your home from the footpath and decide not to waste time on an inspection or even investigating further.

Many homeowners concentrate on renovating the inside of their home to increase re-sale value and improve the chances of selling, but the reality is that you have to get a prospective buyer through the front door first!

In fact the front door itself is one of the items most overlooked by homeowners who are renovating, yet it is the first and last feature you notice in a home.

So why not choose a door that will have a lasting positive impression? Choosing the right door will not only have a dramatic impact on the look of your home, it can also enhance the way you live in it.

Most of us do not realise how central the character and properties of doors are to our everyday living. Apart from complementing and enhancing the architecture and design, doors give you privacy and security when you want it, and accommodate the flow of traffic through your home.

Regardless of whether you are selling or renovating, the look of your home from the front door says a lot about who and what is on the inside, making an impressive statement that reflects a home’s quality, personality and style.

Corinthian’s Sunburst entrance doors make a stylish statement with their bold and impressive lines so your home stands out from the street and leaves a good and lasting impression. To view an extensive range of entrance doors visit, and be inspired to create a lasting first impression with a Corinthian entrance door.