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Instant street appeal

The right windows are determined by the way you live

Most homeowners purchase windows only once or twice in their lifetime and selecting the right windows can have a lasting impact on the quality of your life in your home. One key question that you should ask yourself before you choose windows is, how do you live in your home?

While we all know that choosing the right windows involves considering ventilation, lighting and energy efficiency, do we stop to think about how each of these aspects affects the way we live in our home, or are they all just boxes we need to tick?

JELD-WEN Australia windows How you live in your house should determine what windows you choose according to Bruce Tosello, Director of Marketing for JELD-WEN Australia.

“Windows are not the be all and end all in creating the aesthetics of the house. Of course window choice can give a home instant street appeal, make it inviting and enhance the architectural style, but how the windows interact with the whole house is what matters. What’s on the inside will always have the most dramatic impact on your quality of life, regardless of where you live in Australia.

“The aesthetics of a home typically drives window choice, and more often than not homeowners will buy the window that suits their home and the look they are going for. The purpose and benefits of a window, for example, ventilation, lighting, glazing and material is often overlooked,” said Bruce.

It’s always advisable you do a little research before you start to consider windows, and your first considerations should revolve around how you live in your home. Think about a typical day in your home – what time do you wake up and would you require lots of natural light at this time? Which room do you enter first when you come home from work and do you need that room to be cool when you arrive?

These sorts of questions will help you decide on the primary purpose of the windows in each room and in turn determine the appropriate window style for that location.

Apart from how it looks there are practicalities like how it opens and how much ventilation you want when you are using that room. Another important consideration is the choice of glass and what impact it has on the energy efficiency of your home.

“For most people building or renovating a home it is a compromise at the end of the day. There are plenty of variables in all home designs, but what homeowners should try to remember is that there is no one particular window solution to suit all homes.