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New generation lighting

Achieving greater energy efficiency in our homes is now part of everyday life but when adopting the latest in technology we still want more aesthetically pleasing options – especially when it comes to decorative lighting.

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs are the lighting of the future. LED represents the very latest in technology for optimal energy saving but you do not have to compromise beautiful design and lighting quality.

Beacon Lighting LED downlightsLEDs have an exceptionally long life, lasting up to 50 times longer than a halogen and using only 10 per cent of the energy. They do not generate heat, contain no chemicals such as lead or mercury, and emit no UV rays or infrared radiation.

The Australian-owned and operated Beacon Lighting has released the exclusive LEDlux range which offers superior LED lighting designs for every room of your home. You are now no longer limited to purely functional LED light fittings.

LEDs are a real option for replacing the commonly used halogen downlight. Beacon Lighting’s LEDlux downlights combined with the Protekta insulation barrier can be installed with insulation abutting the fitting, meaning that they conform to the 5 star energy rating regulations and have no risk of fire. The recently released LEDlux downlights are cool to touch, have a lifespan of 50,000 hours and are cost effective.

The 3x1.2 watt downlights are suitable for under shelf, cabinet or display units, standard height ceilings or when there are cavity restrictions. The 3x3 watt downlights are perfect for general lighting giving greater intensity of light compared to fluorescent fittings. The 3x3 watt fittings are available in both 15-degree and 35-degree angles, with the wider angled product giving a larger circle of light but being significantly less intense as it is less concentrated within the area.

Some advantages of LED downlights

  • Long lifespan up to 50,000 hours
  • Cost effective
  • Low voltage
  • Low energy consumption
  • Directional distribution of light
  • Contain no mercury
  • Cool to touch
  • Compact size
  • Complete kit with downlight and driver
  • OSRAM LED chips

New to the LEDlux range is the stunning industrial styled LEDlux Azuka. Available as a 7 light pendant, a 3 light pendant and a single pendant these lights appeal for their design simplicity. With the appearance of free-hanging incandescent globes they have polished stainless steel fittings and a totally modern feel.

For the bathroom, LEDlux Magnify is a magnifying mirror light available in round or square styles. It provides a little extra luxury while still reducing your impact on the environment.

In addition, Beacon Lighting offers a range of attractive, energy efficient exterior lights as part of the LEDlux collection. LEDlux Tia has a beautiful curved design and is available as a wall bracket or bollard (a stylish ground lighting addition to pathways and garden beds). LEDlux Ribbon Light is a great addition to outdoor entertaining areas and under bench lighting. The versatile Ribbon Light comes in warm white, cool white or fun colour changing light with easy DIY installation.