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Award winning, budget-saving air conditioning

ActronAir’s Australian-developed ESP Plus® is an award winning air conditioning system that embraces the best in sustainable design. Presented the COOLWorld Environmental/Innovative Product of the Year award in 2008, ESP Plus® was recognised for excellence and innovation in the Australian air conditioning industry.

ActronAir® is one of the largest Australian-owned manufacturers of world-class air conditioning systems. The family owned and run ducted air conditioning specialist is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing quality systems.

According to ActronAir® Executive Chairman Robert Mundy, the company’s purpose-built research and development facility specialises in the development of energy efficient air conditioning systems and embodies sustainable design philosophies to optimise consumer comfort.

Actron Air ESP Plus®ActronAir® combined its design capability with digital technology to create the next generation of air conditioning systems for the modern home. The Energy Smart Performance™ product range represents a quantum leap in system efficiency. It is a seamless, integrated system that monitors and controls every facet of the air conditioning system.

By constantly analysing and interpreting data from temperature sensors in your home, this award-winning air conditioning system stays one step ahead of requirements – delivering just the right amount of heating and cooling, while using minimal energy. According to ActronAir®, these intelligent functions deliver better temperature control, better humidity control, and better zoning control.

Another unique benefit of ESP Plus® is the use of its indoor Smart Fan that gives you advanced airflow control. Advanced micro-technology controls the air conditioning system using minimal power to reach and maintain comfort levels.

Features of ESP Plus®

  • Energy efficient digital variable capacity compressor
  • Precise temperature control at sensor location
  • Advanced humidity reduction
  • Sound Reduction System (SRS) to minimise sound levels
  • Fully integrated 8-zone control for all new ESP R-410A models
  • Easy to operate 7-day programmable controller with 24-hour timer
  • Zone control – on/off function
  • Electronically Commutated Motor (ECM) for improved efficiency
  • Variable Air Flow technology to improve efficiency
  • Quiet start indoor smart fan system

While other systems may continue to produce large amounts of airflow when zones are switched off, ESP Plus® Variable Fan Technology™ (VFT™) automatically reduces airflow providing huge energy savings when running just a few zones.

At the heart of this revolutionary technology is a sophisticated digital variable capacity compressor. Unlike inverter technology that must ‘step and rest’ its way to a target temperature, the new digital compressor has a continuous spectrum capacity that can seamlessly adjust between 10–100% capacity. This means that any target temperature set can be achieved more quickly than other variable capacity technology.

ActronAir® designs and manufactures all of its system components including electronics and microprocessors, so they are able to ‘speak’ and respond to each other more efficiently. Durable powder coating and a unique louvre grille protect the outdoor unit from the elements and hard knocks, ensuring longer life and reduced maintenance. Extra large heat exchangers increase efficiency and reduce running costs.

An independent study* indicated that annual energy consumption is reduced by up to 61% with ESP Plus® versus a conventional system (that is, from 24.1 tonnes CO2 to 9.4 tonnes CO2 annually) for a typical 2 storey, 4 bedroom brick veneer home in Sydney’s west.

* Independent study: ‘Energy Analysis on ActronAir® ESP Plus®’, February 2008