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The perfect design partnership

A commonsense innovation that teams solar power technology with roof tile design provides a renewable energy option for new homes that will not spoil the look of the roof.

For more than 60 years, Monier has been Australia’s iconic roof tile brand. Their latest release is the smart new solarTILE that uses the up-to-date PV technology to convert sunlight into electricity. Working in much the same way as a conventional ‘bolt-on’ Photo Voltaic panel, solarTILE features an impressive integrated design that allows the tiles to blend with the roof.

MonierTIP: When thinking about the colours for your home, it’s important to consider all the products that make up the external facade. The roof represents around 30% of the look, the walls 60% and other elements like the fascia and gutters represent about 10%.

Developed specifically to work seamlessly with Monier’s range of flat profiled concrete tiles, Monier’s solarTILE is a truly innovative product that delivers a ‘green energy solution’ with good design and aesthetic appeal at its core. Pilot projects have been completed in Western Australia, on the NSW south coast and NSW northern beaches. In all cases, the builders were looking for an energy efficient solution whilst maintaining the homes design integrity.

Monier’s solarTILE is an attractive alternative to traditional solar power options and responds cleverly to the growing demand for renewable energy sources. The tiles utilise the energy from the sun to power your home, reducing your power bill, but do not reduce your home’s exterior aesthetic.

Monier Horizon

Monier Horizon is the ultimate flat concrete roof tile, designed to deliver a streamlined roof that integrates seamlessly with current trends in modern Australian architecture. Available in a palette of 14 inspiring colours, Horizon tiles offer a clean and contemporary look.

Horizon also incorporates Monier’s breakthrough ‘EDGE’ technology. This patented process is only available on Monier’s range of flat profiled tiles and offers builders, designers and home owners two outstanding benefits:

  • Greater design flexibility – tiles can be layed on roof pitches as low as 15
  • Outstanding water shedding properties - significantly outperforming any other roof tile currently on the market

To complement this range of tiles, Monier recommends the use of its A-line ridging system, incorporating an A-line apex and A-line under-flashing to deliver a roof-line that is sleek, streamlined and sophisticated.

The benefits of Horizon roof tiles are:

  • Impervious to frost and ice
  • Provides thermal insulation
  • Tank water safe
  • Provides acoustic insulation
  • Salt Safe
  • Will not rust, warp or corrode

CSR Roofing, the manufacturers and installers of Monier roof tiles, is one of Australia’s most experienced and diverse roofing companies. The company has a proud tradition of manufacturing quality roof tile products that are backed by a 50 year product and performance guarantee.