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The true side of beauty

With the popularity of minimalism in modern kitchens and bathrooms it is often what is hidden behind the cabinetry that provides the true brilliance of a room’s function and its bolder design highlights.

Continuing a century-long commitment to making living spaces work beautifully, Hettich, the world’s largest producer of hardware and fittings for the kitchen, bathroom and a variety of other living spaces, has created a unique drawer side that delivers endless new design opportunities.

HettichHettich’s Innotech DesignSide is a panel inserted into the side of a drawer on which a custom design can be imprinted. This clever drawer solution permits the use of glass, stone or other popular materials, and allows beauty and function to combine, to provide an unexpected aesthetic every time you open a drawer.

The panel renders the railing, previously necessary for creating closed pot-and-pan drawer sides, redundant and instead opens up a whole range of entirely new creative options.

“As the kitchen increasingly occupies the heart and soul of the home for living and entertaining, consumers sensibly expect their kitchen to not only function beautifully but also display innovative design reflecting their individual good taste,” said Dave Angus, Marketing Manager, Hettich Australia.

“DesignSide provides a perfect opportunity for personal expression and consumers are now able to totally customise the kitchen of their dreams inside and out, as well as other areas of the home,” Dave said.

DesignSide is part of Hettich’s innovative and versatile Innotech Drawers System that is available in five finishes – white, silver, stainless steel, beech and anthracite. To match the drawer design, DesignSide adapters are available in grey, charcoal and white.

If the kitchen is equipped with drawers featuring decorative profiles in chrome or a stainless steel effect, this design can also be continued throughout the pot-and-pan drawer level, ensuring consistency of colour in the drawer interior.

DesignSide complements the huge range of quality storage and divider elements offered by Hettich to organise and secure kitchen items, and maximise the use of interior drawer space. There are countless ways in which the InnoTech system elements can be mixed and matched as there are various sizes, accents, runners and accessories available to personalise your kitchen.

“The end-to-end InnoTech Drawer system also incorporates many technological features such as Hettich’s Magic LED cabinet lighting, soft closing and handle-free design technology which prompts automatic opening at the slightest touch anywhere on the drawer front,” Dave said.

Hettich, with a heritage of over a century, is known for its reliable products and focus on design. In Australia, Hettich is the only manufacturer backed supplier of kitchen hardware.

Hettich’s assortment of solutions to make living spaces work beautifully includes:

  • Soft closing drawers with design elements that can be customised
  • Quality drawer runners
  • The largest range of drawer storage accessories on the market
  • Award-winning soft close hinges
  • The latest in European-designed LED cabinet lighting
  • Increasingly popular folding and sliding door fittings
  • Overhead flap fittings
  • Decorative nadles for a wide variety of applications
  • Many more interior fitting solutions to improve the living experience