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Find your feminine side

For any number of reasons including their modern attributes, sustainability, durability and thermal comfort, face brick remains a strong contender as the preferred building material for new homes and renovations.

Brick has long been a popular choice with architects and building designers because it blends easily with existing buildings while offering endless opportunities for individual design. The latest trends in open plan living are easily achieved with brick and there is the added benefit of excellent sound insulation. With a vast range of colours and finishes to choose from, bricks are a versatile designer option.

According to PGH Bricks and Pavers, a division of CSR Building Products, one of the key influences on the brick industry since the 1950s is that modern building design has significantly evolved in line with the demands of our changing lifestyles.

“The once commonplace red and cream bricks don’t necessarily suit modern home designs which has lead to new colours and finishes for a sophisticated design market,” marketing manager, Kim Roughan said.

“Bricks are becoming more feminine,” said Kim. “Women tend to be the main decision makers with brick purchases and generally speaking they prefer colour and a stylish appearance.”

PGH “Our homes make a statement about us. Customers will generally choose a home design that reflects an image of how they want to be perceived.”

“The external elements of the house are paramount to that statement because it’s the first perspective they see everyday when they enter their driveway - it’s the statement that their family, friends, neighbours and passers-by will make their judgments on,” said Kim.

PGH Bricks and Pavers has launched several new collections to meet this demand for designer aesthetics.

1. Alchemy

The Alchemy collection consists of three products with remarkable metallic-like finishes. There is the industrial look of Pewter, the pure fabulousness of Glamour and the luxury of Molten Gold. The shimmering appearance and wire cut texture of these bricks allows them to subtly change colour depending on how the light hits their exterior surface.

2. Vibrant

The Vibrant collection stands out for its palette of fun and funky colours placing a whole new perspective on bricks and the way they are used. Finished with a full ceramic glaze these bricks are perfect for internal or external use. The collection consists of seven vital colours - Cosmic, Fizz, Paris, Wasabi, Rhapsody, Tango and Watermelon. Try Paris pink for girls and Rhapsody blue for boys, or create an eye-catching mosaic by using a combination of all.

3. Academy

Academy is also a full ceramic glazed collection that provides a sleek look for your next building project. The palette of five colours is refined, dark and sophisticated. Each colour is inspired by excellence and achievement – Alumni, Julliard, Nobel, Oscar and Quantum.

4. Masters

The Masters collection celebrates the art of traditional brick making and is named after some of the world’s most renowned artists. The collection consists of five products – Da Vinci, Monet, Picasso, Renoir and Van Gogh. With their extraordinary texture and timeless beauty, these bricks are available in the standard 76mm height or the increasingly popular 50mm height.