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Smart, good-looking and uncomplicated

Make a date with warmth, style and comfort this winter by embracing a modern fireplace as the centerpiece of your home.

A gorgeous, well-designed fireplace will turn your house into a home. Not only will a fireplace effectively warm your home but it also brings your family together to enjoy its relaxed ambience.

Much has changed in the design of fireplaces to suit modern living. While you can still choose to enjoy a ‘roaring’ fire on cold winter nights, you can also benefit from the visual effect of a fireplace all year round by opting for models that can be set to run at a low burn and have built-in back or accent lighting.

Lopi fireplace A Lopi gas fireplace for all seasons

WINTER – Make use of the dual-burner for maximum warmth
SPRING – Enjoy a fire glow when entertaining
SUMMER – Use the accent lights for ambience
AUTUMN – Choose the low burner for milder evenings

According to Wayne Millhouse, director of Lopi and Heatmaster Wood and Gas Fireplaces, although function is an asset, the look of a fireplace has become paramount to its inclusion in the home.

“People are continuing to design their living spaces and lounge rooms around the centerpiece of a fireplace which is being viewed as a piece of furniture,” said Wayne. “They want to create a complete look and feel for their homes to match their lifestyle.”

New for this winter is Lopi’s 864ST GS fireplace, a see-thru double-sided direct vent gas fireplace. This elegant fireplace can be used as a wall divider as there is no rear wall in the firebox and the flue can be installed at the top or to the side of the unit.

“As we are seeing a trend towards multiple fireplaces in the home, replacing zoned air-conditioning, our new see-thru fireplace is a great way to link adjacent living spaces such as the lounge and dining rooms, and heat areas up to 135sqm,” said Wayne.

“The 864ST GS logs and fire have been carefully designed to give you a different look from either side, and you can personalise each room by choosing a different face, grill and trim on each side of the fireplace.”

Also gaining in popularity are Lopi’s Illuminations electric fireplace candles that are built into a type of light box in the wall and usually set at picture height. A collection of faux candles is fitted with special light globes in the shape of a flame that even wobble for a real-life flickering effect.

Choose the optional aromatherapy drawer available with the Wilmington face to further enhance your mood!


In a major innovation for gas burner systems, Lopi has developed a patent-pending GreenSmart system for all of its direct vent gas fireplaces that features a market-leading collection of components, controls and technology.

The standard GreenSmart system operates manually via the controls located on the dashboard under the front of the appliance. The dashboard is hidden behind a drop-down concealment door which when opened, turns on the control panel lighting to make the long-lasting, silk-screened lettering even easier to read.

The Dancing-Fyre™ split-flow burner allows the front and rear burners to operate together for maximum heat output and flame appearance, or with only the front burner delivering a turn-down ratio of up to 72 per cent.

The continuous pilot or GreenSmart pilot switch allows you to run the pilot continuously, which can be necessary in extreme cold, or intermittently to conserve energy. It operates with a battery back-up ensuring proper ignition even in power outages.

The Comfort Control™ feature allows you to turn off the rear burner while leaving the front burner on for an attractive flame appearance when heat output is not a priority. It offers a more efficient way to heat the room by only burning the correct amount of fuel to keep a constant temperature.

Accent lights can be easily turned on or off whether the fire is going or not, and add a warm glow to both the logs and fireback.

An optional hand-held GreenSmart remote gives the added advantage of programmable thermostat controls. “With the remote you can turn the fire, split-flow burner and smart mode on or off, as well as control the thermostat,” said Wayne.

Traditionally remotes have been used to set room temperature however a GreenSmart remote also offers a Thermostat Control Sensor which allows you to taper down six levels before it turns off.

The Smart Thermostat Mode allows the heating appliance to automatically adjust the flame height based on the set temperature. The flame will modulate from low to high, or high to low until the set temperature is reached.

“A major advantage of this Smart Thermostat Mode is that you are able to view the flame for much longer than with normal thermostats,” said Wayne. “The modulating flame and the ability to turn off the back burner means you are able to maintain a consistent room temperature and uninterrupted viewing pleasure.”

All Lopi direct vent gas fireplaces have thermostatically-controlled fans that only come on once the fire is hot enough to allow warm air to be circulated. An added advantage is that the fireplace can operate without the fan when the power is out.

Lopi and Heatmaster wood and gas fireplaces have evolved over more than 20 years and offer solid craftsmanship, reliable performance and unbeatable heating efficiency. A full range of open wood, slow-combustion wood, open gas and direct vent gas fireplaces is available.