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What's in a name?

One of the world’s most respected suppliers of concrete, aggregates (crushed stone, sand and gravel) and cement is set to become a household name in Australia. Already operating in Australia since 1901 under many familiar brands, Holcim Australia is the name you’ll soon recognise as the leader in construction materials.

Holcim recently expanded its presence in Australia after acquiring CEMEX’s Australian operations. Holcim’s newly acquired business, now trading as Holcim Australia, has a long and rich history in the local industry. Starting back in 1939, the company formerly known as Readymix helped revolutionise the building industry by introducing pre-mixed concrete.

Holcim cement Holcim's range of standard concretes designed for residential applications, low-rise buildings, paving and driveways, are backed by tight quality control that brings a guarantee of strength and workability.

Today the company now operates 300 sites across all states and territories, with a network of more than 88 quarries, 200 concrete plants, 900 mixer trucks and mobile and on-site facilities.

According to Holcim key account manager residential, Bob Porter, Holcim Australia has proven its commitment to the construction industry in Australia, having operated for more than one hundred years and with it now taking a greater presence in the Australian market.

Holcim Australia supplies an extensive array of pre-mixed concrete products, and related services. Its range of standard concretes designed for residential applications, low-rise buildings, paving and driveways, are backed by tight quality control that brings a guarantee of strength and workability.

Standardised, premixed concrete is specified by a standard strength, slump and maximum size aggregate of Normal (N) class N20, N25, N32, N40, N50 with standard slumps of 40-120mm. High performance, decorative and special application concretes are also available to cater for every concrete need.

Founded in Switzerland in 1912, Holcim employs around 80,000 people globally with production sites in over 70 countries, more than any other building materials group. In 2008, Holcim recorded sales of over 25 billion Swiss francs (approx. 28 billion Australian dollars).

For four consecutive years (2005-2008), the Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes (DJSI) acknowledged Holcim as having the best sustainability performance in the building materials industry. Holcim remains committed to constantly improving its sustainability performance.

Finishes for your home

The Holcim Concept™ decorative range combines the durability of traditional concrete products with an unrivalled choice of exciting colours and contemporary finishes. The finishes can be effectively applied outdoors to create courtyards, driveways and pool surrounds, or indoors to add a new dimension to entertainment rooms, wet areas and living spaces.

Holcim’s Concept decorative concrete options include:

  • Polished concrete - A premium indoor flooring solution that is polished to a high gloss finish. It offers extra low maintenance and is ideal for allergy or asthma sufferers.
  • Exposed aggregate - A natural stone outdoor paving option available in a rainbow of colours. It is near maintenance-free, durable and stylish. Completely freeform paving contours can be combined with panels of different styles and colours to complement any design.
  • Honed finish - A smooth finish for designer outdoor paving solutions with the added benefit of a non-slip surface – indoors or out. The concrete undergoes a deep grind and is then sealed to give the smooth appearance of a polished concrete floor, yet there is a tactile finish providing the superior grip.
  • Low exposure aggregate - The latest in the concrete range, ‘Close Shave’ exposes less of the aggregate or stone to create a smoother surface but at the same time retains the great look of an exposed aggregate driveway, pathway or patio – ideal for families with young children.
  • Liquid limestone - The ideal complement to a number of outdoor landscaping designs including grassed areas, patios, rockeries, pots and ornamental structures, terraces, water features and swimming pool surrounds.