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Make an entrance with true elegance

A home’s front door symbolises the place where the experience of a home starts and finishes, while also providing a secure barrier to the outside.

Entrance doors have an aesthetic role in creating an impression of what lies beyond. A home’s front door welcomes owners and visitors, and establishes character and style for the exterior and interior of the home.

Corinthian Doors has a reputation as Australia’s largest and most innovative door manufacturer. New from Corinthian is the Elegance range of quality stain grade entrance doors. These good-looking doors combine contrasting timber veneers and distinctive glazed apertures to deliver a chic, contemporary look.

Corinthian doors Corinthian’s Elegance timber door range complements other timber finishes, and the texture and warmth they bring to a home.

The Elegance range offers six highly distinctive geometric designs, each featuring two dramatic colour-contrasting veneers ~ Elegant Oak/Oak or Teak/White Ash/Teak.

Elegance doors feature solid construction, square corner routing both faces, many glazing options, and different veneer options for staining. Standard entrance door sizes are 2040mm or 2340mm high; 920mm, 870mm or 820mm wide; and 40mm thick. Special sizes are also available.

In order to beautifully match the entrance doors of the same name, Corinthian’s new Elegance Internal door range continues the design theme of contrasting veneers, but adds further interest by using the grains in diagonal as well as vertical combination.

The internal range features four contrasting veneers ~ Elegant Oak/Oak, Teak/White Ash/Teak, Elegent Oak/Sloping Oak/Elegant Oak, and Teak/Sloping White Ash/Teak. This stunning internal door range matches perfectly with the Elegance entrance door range.

All veneer options can be stained and are backed by a five-year guarantee. Standard internal door sizes are 2040mm or 2340mm high; 920mm, 870mm, 820mm, 770mm, 720mm, 620mm or 520mm wide; and 35mm thick. Special sizes are also available.

Corinthian’s Elegance timber door range complements other timber finishes, and the texture and warmth they bring to a home. Benefits of timber include adding character and a unique look with your chosen grain. Timber is durable and timeless, and warm as it is a good insulator of heat. It provides a natural look to a space as well as a cosy feeling.

Did you know?

Front doors can bear an interesting history of who has passed through them, occasions when they have been decorated, times when they have been slammed in protest as well as the mystery of what lies beyond them.

Depending on whom you believe a groom has traditionally carried his bride across the threshold to:

• thwart bad luck and evil spirits ~ one superstition has it that the hapless bride must be carried to avoid tripping and bringing bad luck to the home
• symbolise the groom ‘stealing away’ his bride ~ taken from a time when brides were sometimes kidnapped or captured
• stop the bride from running away
• (in ancient times) protect the bride’s chastity by making it appear she was not too enthusiastic
• (in more modern times) recognise the entrance to a new life together