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Timber adds a natural beauty to a home

Timber is used extensively in the Australian residential building market for its structural benefits, texture, character and warmth. When chosen as the building material for your doors and windows it has a strong influence on your home’s architectural style.

Airlite’s Highlander Cedar Range of timber windows and doors creates a bold look for your home. Made from beautiful Western red cedar the architectural inspired range is well-suited to the harsh Australian climate due to its natural resilience.

Cedar’s fine grain structure minimises shrinkage and swelling, and will not warp or twist prolonging the life of surface finishes. Its natural preservatives also provide resistance to borers, termites, rot and fungus growth.

Adding to the timber’s unique appeal is its natural colour variation of honey beige to deep reds and browns. It can also be re-finished to meet changing needs.

The hand-crafted Highlander Cedar Range features wider and thicker cedar components which enhance thermal insulation, and with appropriate glazing, also offers superior solar and sound insulation.

Airlite Cedar timber structure The natural beauty of Cedar creates a distinctive look of its own, couple this with the wider thicker Cedar components, and you have an architecturally inspired look for your home.

The Highlander Cedar Range of windows and doors has many design options available to suit your lifestyle. The options allow you the flexibility to open up your home on warmer days or protect your family against unfavourable weather conditions.

The Highlander Cedar Range of windows includes:

  • Awning Windows - The best option (with appropriate glazing) for weather proofing and sound insulation (top-hinged)
  • Casement Windows - Controls airflow in the home (side-hinged)
  • Fixed Windows - Creates extra light and maximises views (fully-sealed)

The Highlander Cedar Range of doors includes:

  • Sliding Doors - Features a top-hung roller system for effortless operation
  • Hinged Doors - Offers superior solidity
  • Bi-fold Doors - Opens your home to your garden and outdoor living

Airlite’s windows and doors are manufactured to meet or exceed all relevant Australian standards, and are covered by a written guarantee against defects arising from faulty workmanship or materials for a period of seven years.

Glazing for winter comfort

Other than keeping the rain out and letting the light in, ordinary glass provides little benefit to your home. Most windows have standard float glass that offers high visible light transmittance but offers little resistance to solar heat gain, noise and intruders.

To reduce the discomfort of winter cold as well as improve the overall solar, thermal, acoustic and security performance of your home, you need to choose the right type of glass or combination of glazing. The right type of glass will maximize natural light while minimising heat and glare, provide added safety, limit UV fading of furnishings, reduce noise levels and lower energy bills.

Airlite has a range of glass options available to suit your needs including:

  • Low E glass - Has a low rate of heat emission so that heat is bounced away from the glass whether the heat source is outside or inside. Low E glass is predominantly used in a double-glazed system to maximse its benefits

  • Laminated glass - Two or more sheets of glass are adhered together with a flexible interlayer to create a safety glass that will not disintegrate when broken

  • Toughened glass - Is 4-5 times stronger than ordinary float glass and when broken shatters into fragments rather than splinters

  • Double-glazed unit - Also known as insulating glass units. Consists of two panes of glass separated by a spacer around the edges and sealed under controlled conditions. The spacer contains a desiccant to eliminate moisture vapor in the cavity