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Prepare to be impressed

The traditional ‘dolly’ light switch has had a facelift with the next generation of wall switches from Clipsal, the Impress series. These contemporary push button switches are stylish, sleek and practical, bringing a whole innovation to your home electrical installation.

The push button switch technology represents a significant advance in electro-mechanical switch technology. Standard ‘dolly’ switches utilise a rocker technology where the switch is literally flicked on or off. Impress offers a one-touch, smooth reliable action as well as a large switching capacity.

According to Clipsal Project Housing Manager NSW, Brian McMillan, the new Impress series presents residential customers with an attractive and functional push button switch. The switches are supplied pre-assembled or made to order, to meet a variety of homeowner needs.

“Impress has a lower profile which provides a minimalist look to suit contemporary style,” said Brian. “The mechanisms are available in White Electric and are suitable for both new-builds and retrofits. The new switches require a standard wall cavity depth and normal wiring.”

Another great feature of the switches is the optional in-built LED light allowing homeowners to tailor the switch to their needs. For example, an Impress switch with the LED light option can be configured so the location of the switch is easily identified in the dark or to indicate if the switch is on or off.

The blue LED indicator light option is configurable to one of four individual requirements:

  • LED Permanently On
  • LED On, Switch On
  • LED On, Switch Off
  • LED Permanently Off

The Impress push button switches are suitable for all 30 Series Clipsal switch plates including Slimline, Eclipse, Standard, 2000, Metal Plate and C2000 ranges. Any combination can be mixed together to suit your needs.

Clipsal Light Switches Clipsal is Australia’s number one brand of electrical accessories. For more than 85 years, this proud company has been manufacturing products in Australia and is a market leader in electrical accessories, data communications, industrial and home automation markets.

Impress Benefits

  • Beautiful aesthetics, low profile appearance
  • Smooth push-button switching
  • Suitable for new builds or retrofits
  • Blue LES indicator light option configurable to individual requirements