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A comfortable home for all seasons

As we leave the hotter days of summer behind and ‘fall’ into the milder days of autumn now is a good time to look at keeping the temperature of your home comfortable throughout the year.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a reverse cycle air conditioning system for your home. Variables like the size of your house, how many rooms it has or whether it is one or multi-storey are just a few of the factors that can impact an air conditioner’s efficiency and running costs.

Zoning is an option with ducted systems, and refers to the separation of your home into different areas or ‘zones’ that allow the user to turn off some areas whilst keeping others on. Look for the option to operate in up to eight zones and down to as few as just one.

Limiting the heating or cooling to specific rooms allows you to control your air conditioning system to suit your lifestyle. Better still are those systems with an advanced zoning ability that saves even more energy and running costs by reducing airflow to correspond with zone use.

ActronAir is one of the largest Australian-owned manufacturers of world class air conditioning systems. The family owned and run ducted air conditioning specialist is dedicated to engineering, designing and manufacturing quality systems.

ActronAir combined its design capability with digital technology to create the next generation of air conditioning systems for the modern home. Energy Smart Performance (ESP) represents a quantum leap in system efficiency. It is a seamless, integrated system that monitors and controls every facet of the air conditioning system.

Actron Air By constantly analysing and interpreting data from temperature sensors in your home, ESP stays one step ahead of requirements – delivering just the right amount of heating and cooling, while using minimal energy.

According to ActronAir, these intelligent functions deliver better temperature control, better humidity control, and better zoning control. ActronAir offers advanced zoning as a feature of its ESP Plus and ESP Ultima systems.

With ActronAir’s ESP Ultima the whole family can relax in their own individual comfort zone. For example, mum and dad can enjoy television in the lounge room at one temperature while a child sleeps peacefully in another room at a different temperature setting.

With a Star Rating of up to 5.5 stars for heating and up to 5 stars for cooling, ActronAir’s ESP Plus ducted air conditioning system has one of the highest ratings available.

An independent study1 indicated that annual energy consumption is reduced by up to 61 per cent with ESP Plus versus a conventional system (that is, from 24.1 tonnes CO2 to 9.4 tonnes CO2 annually) for a typical 2 storey, 4 bedroom brick veneer home in Sydney’s west.

Other tips for choosing your air conditioning system:

  • Check the rated Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of the system. Energy efficiency simply means less use of energy which also translates to cheaper running costs.
  • Double check the kW capacity of the unit. Without the appropriate kW capacity, a system may not adequately or efficiently cool your home in the extreme Australian heat.
  • Check the operating range of the system. An operating range from minus 10 degrees celcius through to 50 degrees will keep you comfortable all year round.

1. Independent study: ‘Energy Analysis on ActronAir ESP Plus’, February 2008