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Looking good from all sides

DesignSide is a new drawer innovation offered exclusively by Hettich, the world’s largest producer of fittings for the kitchen.

Hettich is committed to innovation and developing new technologies to improve a kitchen’s efficiency and look. The company’s popular InnoTech drawer system is a great addition to any kitchen and can now be customised with DesignSide to create a feature of drawer side panels.

DesignSide panels are an alternative to more utilitarian-style railings. These panels can be clear – to enable ease of viewing – or frosted for the modern contemporary look.

DesignSideDesignSide complements the huge range of quality storage and divider elements offered by Hettich to organise and secure kitchen items, and maximise the use of interior drawer space.

There are countless ways in which the InnoTech sytem elements can be mixed and matched. Various sizes, accents, runners and accessories are available to personalise your kitchen. The drawers are available in five finishes – white, silver, timber, stainless steel and anthracite (like shiny coal).

InnoTech drawers run on Quadro drawer slides, which are durable, have integrated Silent System self-closing and dampening (to soften the vibration) and are also available in different load bearing capacities to handle any contents. With InnoTech drawers and Quadro slides a drawer can hold up to 70kg of contents – including pots and pans, baking dishes and platters.

Hettich’s assortment of kitchen solutions includes:

  • Incredibly versatile soft closing drawers
  • The largest range of drawer storage accessories on the market
  • Quality soft close hinges and runners
  • The latest in European-designed LED cabinet lighting
  • Folding and sliding door fittings
  • Space maximising overhead flap fittings
  • A range of soft closing components, beautiful handles and more

Hettich is a German company which has been making cabinet hardware since 1930 and is known for its reliable products and focus on design. In Australia, Hettich is the only manufacturer backed supplier of kitchen hardware.