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A smart water storage solution for your home

An Australian invention provides a common sense water storage solution for new homes. Aquacomb is an innovative technology that combines with standard methods of home construction to ‘hide’ water storage units and maximise available ground space.

Aquacomb was an original idea conceived by the chairman of the Australian-owned parent company VLP Products and developed by Jon Beevers, division manager of RemTec, the Australian manufacturer of the product.

Just like its name suggests, Aquacomb resembles the network of wax cells that bees use to store honey known as honeycomb. It is a water storage system that replaces the styrofoam waffle pod construction method that is used to form the concrete slab for a new home.

Aquacomb is made up of a system of interlinked pods that have the same dimensions, and can therefore be substituted for, the styrofoam pods. The Aquacomb pods maintain the strength and form normally provided by styrofoam pods in a concrete slab.

“Aquacomb has the same function as a water tank but makes use of the otherwise inert space filled by a styrofoam pod in a concrete slab construction,” said Jon Beevers. “The Aquacomb system meets the building requirements for water storage without having to occupy outside land area adjacent to the house.”

A typical above ground tank has a footprint of about 2 metres x 4 metres. Aquacomb takes up no yard space. The pods are also made of 100% recyclable material.

Smart water storageAquacomb was a 2009 Finalist in the Innovative Products Category for the HIA* Greensmart Awards.

Aquacomb is mainly used for non-potable water which means it harvests rain water from the roof of a house and stores it for toilet flushing, laundry use and garden watering. When the water storage is empty a pump system automatically switches the supply back to town water.

Aquacomb is also approved for potable water and is manufactured from food grade polyethylene to ensure it complies with Australian National Food Grade Standards. RemTec recommends the use of a Davey filtration system with this option.

“In order to maintain the system, we incorporate access ports to allow high pressure water cleaning and draining,” said Jon. “We also recommend leaf filters to reduce the amount of solids entering the Aquacomb system from the roof and the use of a ‘first-flush’ device to divert the initial dirty water.”

The Aquacomb system can be installed by a tradesperson and carries a 20 year warranty.

Did you know?

  • Household water consumption is approximately 150 litres per person per day

  • The average household usage for 4 people is 3,000 litres per week

  • Mandatory water storage for new houses varies between 1,000 litres and 5,000 litres (depending on State)

  • It would take 15 minutes for 10mm of rain falling on a 240m2 roof to fill a 5,000 litre water storage system