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Be covered from top to bottom

When we think of home insulation, Australians typically think of ceiling insulation and we have come to recognise the benefits of keeping our houses warmer or cooler without having to rely on air-conditioning alone.

Australia’s leader in home insulation, Bradford Insulation, has now launched a new sub-floor insulation product. Optimo has quickly dominated the market as it has the highest thermal rating available for sub-floor insulation with a maximum R-value of R2.5, ensuring that installation will result in the best improvement in energy efficiency and home comfort.

Optimo offers a number of other advantages. Sound can enter your home anywhere that air is also able to enter, so external noise can be transferred through your floor. Optimo is made using Rockwool, which has long been regarded by architects and builders as the industry standard for acoustic insulation, making Optimo an excellent sound absorber.

According to Bradford, Optimo can reduce sound transmission through the floor by up to 6dB. Not only will it help reduce noise entering your home from outside it will also dampen the sound of foot traffic on timber floors.

Bradford Insulation Rockwool, the primary material in Optimo, is also the most popular insulation for fire protection in buildings. It does not burn or contribute to the spread of flame, which could save vital minutes in the event of a fire.

Ashley Whitter, Bradford Residential Marketing Manager, says Bradford is providing homeowners with the premium product offering for home owners in the residential market.

“A home with a suspended timber floor experiences heating and cooling loss, by as much as 15%,” said Ashley. “If sub-floor insulation is installed in conjunction with wall, ceiling, ventilation and window and door seals, a home’s energy efficiency can be improved by as much as 80%.”

Typically sub-floor insulation must be installed at the same time as the floor by placing the floor above the insulation. However, Optimo can easily be installed after a home is built by fixing the batts to timber joists from underneath the house, bottom up.

“Our newly designed batts are rigid enough to hold themselves in place between joists, but soft enough to be easily manipulated and installed,” said Ashley.

Homeowners now have the option to effectively insulate their homes from top to bottom to reduce their ongoing energy costs as well as their impact on the environment from other methods of heating and cooling a home.

Heating and cooling account for around 38 per cent of a typical home’s energy use. As insulation works as a barrier to heat transfer, you will use your air-conditioning or heating much less, significantly reducing your energy bills.

According to Bradford, a large 300m2 home can save up to 80 per cent of heating and cooling costs, and a smaller 150m2 home saves up to 60 per cent compared to an uninsulated home. With energy costs predicted to rise in the near future, making your home more energy efficient is a great investment to save money over the long term.

For more information on Bradford Insulation call 1800 333 332 or visit Bradford Insulation