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Protection from the sun's heat

Bluescope Steel’s next generation of COLORBOND® has won a Highly Commended Award in the Innovation of the Year Category at the 2009 BPN* Environ Sustainability Awards.

BlueScope Steel’s Thermatech® solar reflectance technology was awarded for the new level of improved thermal performance it provides for COLORBOND® steel.

Brian Kelly, national marketing manager at BlueScope Steel said “We are delighted that Thermatech® solar reflectance technology has been recognised as a commendable step forward in building sustainability.”

All roofs made from COLORBOND® steel now incorporate new Thermatech® technology which works by reflecting more of the sun’s heat – leaving the roof space and therefore the building and surrounding environment cooler.

In hot weather, Thermatech® can keep the building up to 1OC to 5OC cooler depending upon the level of insulation already installed, reducing the need for air conditioning. This reduction in solar absorption helps to improve the energy efficiency of homes and lower energy bills.

A company spokesperson said COLORBOND® steel has seven colours from its standard colour palette classified as light or very light under BASIX and the Building Code of Australia’s colour classification.

“With the addition of Thermatech® technology, the greatest improvement in thermal performance is in the dark colour range,” the spokesperson said. “This means that homeowners now have a greater choice of colours.”

BlueScope Steel backs its next generation of COLORBOND® steel with a number of improved warranty offers across applications such as roofing, walling, and gutters and downpipes.

COLOURBOND Stamps COLORBOND® steel has been featured in a Corrugated Iron stamp collection released by Australia Post. The collection pays homage to Australia’s iconic brand and our love affair with corrugated iron.

The Corrugated Iron stamp collection features landscapes that populate Australia’s country and suburban environments including a water tank, traditional home, shearing shed and Magney House by famed steel-centric architect, Glenn Murcutt.

According to Ian Keirnan AO, Chairman and Founder, Clean Up Australia, it’s difficult to think of another building material that has had such an effect on our built environment. “It has helped shape and shelter our nation and brought colour to our lives,” he said.

With a history extending over 40 years, COLORBOND® has become a classic building product that has become an integral part of the Australian landscape.

In 1966, the first coil of COLOBOND® steel was rolled off the Number 1 coil-painting line at Port Kembla, New South Wales, and since then approximately six million tonnes of COLORBOND steel has been produced.

Ninety per cent of new homes in Australia now feature products made from COLORBOND® steel, whether it be for the roof, walls, fence, gutter, downpipes, letterbox or even the kennel.

* Building Product News

For further details visit COLORBOND