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Innovative hinge designed for style & function

A new award winning hinge from one of the world’s largest producers of fittings for the kitchen has been launched in Australia.

The new ‘sensys’ hinge with totally integrated dampening has been released by Hettich – offering the latest in cabinet hardware innovation to the market.

hettich hinge Sensys is the winner of the 2008 RedDot International Design Award, the largest and most renowned design competition in the world. Sensys also won the 2009 iF (International Forum Design) Product Design Award determined by a judging panel of international experts.

A company spokesperson said these international awards recognise sensys as a functional, quality innovation and a true example of the evolution of hinge technology.

In the industry since 1930, Hettich is well known for quality and providing hidden technologies that improve a kitchen’s efficiency. In keeping with that tradition, sensys is made from high grade steel and quality materials.

Designed for its aesthetics, as well as function, sensys’s fully integrated soft-close dampening action works without the need for additional, bulky adaptors.

Optional self-closing elements on a hinge or in a cabinet come with the drawback of being visible. The new sensys hinge with integrated Silent System dampening conceals the mechanisms with specially-designed cover caps that hide fixing screws and adjusters. The button that releases the hinge for removal cannot be seen from the front, and the hinge and mounting plate unite to give a harmonious appearance.

“The look is seamless, sleek design,” the spokesperson said. “All the user notices is the luxurious feel it provides.”

The clever function of sensys includes the automatic soft-closing of doors from an unusually wide opening angle of about 35 degrees. The regulated and gentle closing cycle, coupled with reliable door-closure at the press of a finger, is a must-have element of modern kitchen design.

Sensys has the same drilling configuration as Hettich’s current Intermat hinge range and is available for all of the main opening styles. This includes:

  • 110 degree hinges for overlay and inset doors as well as half-overlay applications
  • Wide angle hinges for overlay and half-overlay doors
  • W 30 and W 45 hinges for overlay and inset doors
  • W 90 hinges for inset doors

The sensys generation of hinges is covered by Hettich’s Lifetime Warranty offering peace of mind to the user.

In addition to sensys, Hettich has a great assortment of innovative, clever and practical product solutions, designed to suit every project. From soft-closing doors, drawers and runners to the latest in European-designed LED lighting and decorative handles, Hettich’s quality fittings offer valuable features to make every kitchen a comfortable, enjoyable and intelligent kitchen.

For more information call Home Option Gallery hettich logoon (02) 8860 9333 or see Kitchens.