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PGH Bricks reaching new heights

A new colour range of glazed bricks has raised the bar in providing quality bricks in the latest designer colours.

PGH Bricks and Pavers has launched a new glazed range of products called the Altitude collection. The new collection takes an adventurous approach to colour and finishes, and replaces the earthiness of conventional brick appearance.

The initial four products in the collection are – Apollo, Olympus, Everest and Polaris. The palette is sophisticated in appearance, and each colour exudes its own unique warmth with the variation in intensity of colour across each face. With their sharp contours they are simple in their appearance, which tends to disguise the complexity of their composition.

According to PGH Bricks and Pavers, a division of CSR Building Products, the glaze coating is baked onto the brick through the firing process. “Bricks are fired at high temperatures which in effect cause a change in physical composition of the product, and which results in the coating being ‘baked on’, making it very durable and long-lasting.”

The new products are derived from a collaborative relationship between PGH Bricks and Colourways, an independent colour forecasting body located in Melbourne.

“The Altitude collection will appeal to a variety of people from premium buyers who will be attracted to their striking features, or to the market entry buyer who may choose to make their own design statement,” marketing manager, Kim Roughan said.

phg bricks“Due to the beautiful finish of these products and the resurgence in the use of brick in internal walls, we are confident the Altitude collection will be used to create exceptional internal brick feature walls.”

The Altitude collection is different to other bricks on the market due to its distinguishing feature glaze. Other dark bricks on the market have a more matte finish but the Altitude colours are quite unique – especially Olympus which is a true grey.

The new range can be used with other bricks manufactured by PGH Bricks – for example combining Apollo (black) with Crevole (white) brick for a dramatic contrast. PGH Bricks has built a display wall at Schofields in NSW to show the impact these products have when used together.

The Altitude range when used with a standard white/off white mortar, in a raked or ironed profile, highlights the dark colours to really bring out the finish of the brick.

“All of the products would also look terrific with stainless steel and other composite building materials,” Kim said.

The range has already been expanded, with the recent release of a funky new pink brick – Venus. “This brick is about showing how far bricks have come as a design material to be able to match the requirements of designer needs,” Kim said.

With its expanding range of designer colours, PGH Bricks remains a valuable asset for your home, especially during the heat of summer. Bricks are recognised as having a thermal mass or the capacity to store heat. A large thermal mass within a house can serve to ‘flatten out’ the daily temperature fluctuations, since the thermal mass will absorb heat when the surroundings are hotter than the mass.

For more information call Home Option Gallery pgh brickson (02) 8860 9333 or see Bricks.