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Everything outdoors!

New home buyers and renovators alike are giving more importance to the design of their outdoor areas to match the modern style of their homes.

The focus on complete design is driven not only by lifestyle and entertaining needs in the backyard but also by a desire to create a stylish first impression with the appearance of the front yard. The overriding theme is now about integrating all of the outdoor areas of a home with the design of the house interior.

Outback Landscaping & Paving, which has operated for over 12 years, has recently partnered with Home Option Gallery to extend the great rapport and service it offers its new home building clients to all of the Gallery’s clients, including renovators.

landscapingOwner, Paul Smith, has 17 years experience in landscaping, is fully qualified and holds a structural landscape license. The business employs ten tradespeople with expertise relevant to the specific needs of clients.

“The development of the Gallery’s new outdoor showroom. provides us with an amazing opportunity to showcase our landscaping design,” said Paul. “We have also established an on-site office to enable clients to benefit from an immediate introduction to their various landscaping options.”

Outback Landscaping’s works with a ‘one-stop-shop’ philosophy, providing clients with the ability for one supplier to coordinate all their outdoor needs. “This erases the runaround and countless hours looking for trades,” he said. “And we can better support clients to stay within their budget.”

Outback Landscaping can help you with all of your outdoor needs including:

  • Concreting: all types including driveways, paths, patios
  • Retainer walls: timber, brick and block, keystone, sandstone
  • Paving: driveways, courtyards, path, patios
  • Pool surrounds: pool coping (edging)
  • Decks, pergolas, cabanas
  • Fencing and gates
  • Watering systems: for lawns and gardens, drip to fully automated
  • Planting and turf
  • Landscape design
  • Excavations

According to Paul, Outback Landscaping & Paving is service driven and enrolls its staff to not only build the landscape but ensure clients remain informed through every stage of the process.

This process generally starts with the client’s building plans and an hour-long Q&A to determine specific needs. From there, sketches are taken to concept drawings. A follow-up consultation is coordinated to review the plans, in vivid colour, to help clients to visualise the proposed result. Site visits are available for particularly detailed projects or to counter challenges with sloping blocks, small spaces or individual council guidelines.

Most designs in the new housing areas have a set of guidelines to follow. “For all those non-gardeners, this provides the elements to choose the materials and plants that suit the area,” said Paul. “And to avoid the waste (both financial and environmental) of planting species that won’t survive the local conditions.”

The most important part of any project is “getting out of the ground right”. A lot of time and effort is factored into the landscape design to provide adequate drainage and structurally sound footings prior to any structures being built. “Our work is built to last,” said Paul.

Ever popular landscaping features are ornaments and pots, water features and natural looking walls. Many people also request grassy areas for their pets, and room for swings and sandpits for their kids.

“We are using more Australian-made products and natural timbers, as well as stepping stones and decorative gravels for those ‘dead’ areas adjacent to the house,” said Paul. “We also recycle our waste from our job sites to reduce our carbon footprint.”

We have become more adventurous with plant selections, choosing plants with variation in leaf colour to make gardens look more vibrant and textured, and to counter the flat look of greenery.

“We work very closely with our clients to provide a landscape that is not only beautiful and sustainable, but one that suits their budget as well,” said Paul. “On average, an entry level block can be fully constructed with four weeks from the completion of building.

Paul nominates four trends that have emerged in landscape design:

  • Buying locally: clients are becoming more aware of their environmental footprint and choosing Australian made products
  • Colour in the garden: through the use of foliage plants (that is, plants that are chosen for their leaf colour rather than their flower or fruit) and succulents with variegated leaves (foliage with multiple colours on the leaf which may be striped, splotched or edged)
  • Low maintenance: clients require products that simplify life without breaking the bank
  • Lighting: used to provide a wow factor and contrast in the garden at night

For more information call Home Option Gallery on (02) 8860 9333 or see Landscaping.