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The environment is everyone’s business

Home Option Gallery is a proud participant in The Hills Shire Council’s Business Sustainability Project.

As a dedicated program participant in the Council’s ‘A Sustainable World in the Hills’ project, Home Option Gallery has declared its intention to identify and consider the environmental impacts of its activities.

A Sustainable World in the HillsAccording to Home Option Gallery general manager, Alan Phillips, the Gallery is committed to improving the sustainability of its activities whilst continuing to provide its customers with products and services that meet their expectations.

"We will actively participate in the continual improvement and maintenance of our local environment and will take into consideration both the local and global implications of our actions,” Alan said.

Home Option Gallery is committed to:

  • Ensuring that best environmental practices are included in our core business framework and management processes

  • Minimising the use of all materials and resources, especially water and energy, and wherever possible and practical, use renewable or recyclable materials and components

  • Operating in a manner that minimises the potential negative impact on the natural environment, through the efficient use of resources, and the reduction of emissions and waste

  • Ensuring we work closely with its clients, suppliers, local communities and other interested parties to continually improve our processes in line with best environmental practices

  • Preventing pollution at the source by reducing waste, and where possible, reuse of resources, recycling or disposal in an environmentally ethical manner

  • Fostering the responsibility and ownership of environmental activities by all of its staff, thereby developing a strong environmentally-aware business culture. The company will encourage employee involvement, participation and inventiveness, and promote its own ‘Environmental Champions’

For more information on our participation in the The Hills Shire Council’s Business Sustainability Project, call Home Option Gallery on (02) 8860 9333.