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Be happy to tread in hot water

Dux Hot Water’s Australian designed and built Airoheat heat pump water heater continues to impress with its environmentally sustainable technology.

First launched in 2007, Dux Hot Water’s innovative Airoheat heat pump water heater was awarded a prestigious Australian International Design Mark last year.

The Australian International Design Mark is a symbol and recognition of innovative industrial design. The Design Mark is awarded only after thorough testing and assessment by Australian and international design experts. The rigorous entry criteria includes environmental sustainability.

The Airoheat heat pump has also recently received a myriad of environmental awards including an Environment & Heritage Award at the Engineering Excellence Awards, the Environmental Product of the Year at the Queensland Plumbing Industry Awards, MPAWA Energy Saving Product of the Year Award, as well as the Manufacturers Monthly Endeavour Awards’ Australian Consumer/Trade Product of the Year.

Hot Water According to Dux, industry sources estimate the cost to the community to heat domestic water accounts for approximately 30 per cent of all domestic energy consumed. The Dux Airoheat heat pump can reduce this electrical energy consumption up to 70 per cent, representing a considerable environmental and sustainable impact on carbon emissions.

Pat Pussell, Dux Strategic Development Manager and the designer of the Airoheat heat pump, said Dux creates the most efficient water heaters on the market and is working towards making coal fired power stations obsolete. “It is clear the judging panel at the Australian International Design Awards recognises the important environmental contribution made by the Airoheat system,” he said.

Howard Lloyd, Dux Marketing Manager said the Airoheat has been recognised by the international design community for its exceptional quality, value and reliability.

Developed entirely in Australia by Dux Hot Water engineers, the heat pump features several technologies, including emersion heating principles and the patented Hotlogic controller.

The system operates by using heat from the air, to heat the water in the tank. A fan at the top of the heat pump draws in air through an evaporator coil, which extracts the energy from the air in the form of heat, and then transfers it directly to the water in the tank.

Dux’s New Heat Technology (NHT) allows heat transfer to occur within the water inside the tank and therefore the system is not exposed to some of the heat loss issues that other heat pump water heaters experience.

The NHT is controlled by Dux patented Hotlogic controller. Thinking for itself, Hotlogic constantly monitors and adapts to suit changing weather conditions and water usage. By doing this, the system maximises hot water storage and minimises energy used to provide operating efficiency, whilst significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Providing mains pressure hot water, the system produces a strong, steady flow straight from the tank. Also, by combining the standard proven Dux storage tank with an extremely efficient heat pump system, the Airoheat reduces water heating costs, whilst reducing the impact on the environment.
Creating hot water quietly is the result of careful selection of the compressor and fan components in the Airoheat. It allows the system to run at a considerably lower sound level compared to other heat pump water heaters on the market.

According to Dux, the system is both energy and cost efficient, satisfying environmental concerns, whilst being easy to operate and install.

For more information call Home Option Gallery Dux Logo
on (02) 8860 9333 or see Hot Water.