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Complete home consultation

Home Option Gallery offers a complete design service for people building new homes or undergoing renovations to make the sometimes daunting task of choosing all the finishes, furnishings, colours and materials for the exterior and interior of their home an enjoyable process.

So you’re flushed with excitement having chosen the design of your new home or renovation, but the prospect of deciding the many smaller design options is overwhelming. Or you are super keen and have researched all sorts of products before deciding a look for your home, but want to soundboard your ideas off an experienced design consultant to feel more confident about your vision.

Home Option Gallery is able to satisfy a range of needs from those clients who’d rather visit the dentist than stare at colour charts and multitudes of laminate, to those who want to immerse themselves in all the possibilities before determining the style of their new home or renovation.

Through its team of design consultants and showroom partners, Home Option Gallery offers extensive knowledge and advice on everything from driveways, to kitchen appliances, fly-screens and cabinet handles for the laundry. The team keeps up to date with the latest new products and emerging trends and can recommend appropriate inclusions in line with the client’s budget.

Erin Bolton, Complete Home Consultant at Home Option Gallery, says that although colour is often the first thing people consider when thinking of design in their home many elements need to be considered simultaneously.

“There are as many as 180 items on the design schedule for a new home but not all will be applicable to all house designs,” she said.

Prior to their appointment, clients are advised to visit the brick yard to pick or narrow down their brick selection. “This allows people to see a display of bricks on a larger scale and gain a more realistic indication of how their brick preference will look in their design.

“We then have a starting point to begin the design consultation,” she said. “We confirm the choice of brick with the client and then look at roof tiles. Popular tile colours are CSR Monier’s blue-toned Barramundi and dark-toned Sambuca.

colour Home Option Gallery is able to satisfy a range of needs from those clients who’d rather visit the dentist than stare at colour charts and multitudes of laminate, to those who want to immerse themselves in all the possibilities before determining the style of their new home or renovation.

“If required, we also talk through options for Colorbond Roofing and then choose a complementary look and colour for guttering.”

The consultant will then guide the client through decisions regarding exterior surface textures such as Taubmans Moroka Bag & Paint, which can be tinted to most Taubmans exterior colours. This is followed by selections for garage doors and other exterior fixtures such as water tanks.

“Some consultations can certainly be challenging when clients are stuck on the finality of choosing the inclusions for their new home,” said Erin. “However by experiencing a number of different looks in the showroom and reviewing other resources we have on hand, it helps to gel their ideas and resolve any issues to ensure they have an outcome they are happy with.”

Inside the house, priority is given to design choices in the kitchen as people tend to give a lot of thought to what is becoming a central lifestyle area of the home.

“Homes are very open plan these days with the kitchen having a very visual position,” she said. “If the kitchen is right, then a lot of other design choices fall into place.”

“We work on colours for all parts of the kitchen, and consult in tandem with our Home Option Kitchens designers to determine preferences for bench-tops, cabinets and appliances (such as wall ovens or free-standing cookers).

“Kitchens flow on to bathrooms where we can offer advice such as the benefits of a fully vitreous china toilet versus one with plastic components,” she said.

The many options for interior wall paint can be simplified with design advice from an experienced consultant that incorporates skirting boards, architraves and feature walls. Paint is a great way to dress up your home and create a mood but Erin advises that keeping your colour scheme neutral is the key.

“Neutral tones provide a very clean and sophisticated look,” she said. “Popular choices are Bristol’s Mosaico, Moon River and Ashwood or Taubmans’ Kid Skin.

“Darker colours such as Bristol’s Adam’s Red can add drama and work best as a feature wall or highlight.”

Erin said accent colours don’t necessarily need to be applied through wall paint, but can be added through the use of cushions and other accessories which give you greater flexibility to easily update the look economically.

A typical paint product recommendation is to use Taubmans’ Living Proof Silk which contains Teflon and is washable - surely a godsend for families with young children.

If all of this sounds like it is very time consuming it can be. Simple colour consultations take about 90 minutes while the average Complete Home Consultation takes four hours. “We have had some clients take all day but working with a client to bring all the elements together is a truly satisfying experience.

“Every client ends the process with a well-documented and clear schedule of their design selections and can take great confidence in knowing they have taken a significant step in making their dream a reality,” she said.

For more information call Home Option Gallery on (02) 8860 9333 or see Colour consultancy & interior design.