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Real beauty is on the inside

Some kitchens are good, but only a well planned kitchen can be truly beautiful in both aesthetics and function. To get the most out of your kitchen it has to be perfectly organised.

To be workable in a modern household, kitchens and kitchen designs have had to adapt to become more efficient. The fact that they are also open plan and more visible usually means we would also like to keep the space uncluttered. To achieve this spacious but tidy requirement, kitchens have had to evolve to become clever on the inside, behind the cabinets.

Therefore, for the beauty of a kitchen to be realised, you need to maximise the use of the available space behind the cabinet fronts and have easy access to all contents.

Hettich, founded in Germany in 1930, is one of the world’s largest producers of fittings for the kitchen. The components they make are relatively small, but they play a large role in how people experience their kitchens. Hettich kitchen cabinet interiors offer valuable features to make kitchens more functional.

Hettich provides “hidden intelligence” with its new Easys electronic drawer opening system. Easys allows a kitchen drawer to be opened automatically, by just a light touch anywhere on the drawer front. Easys can be easily incorporated into a cabinet and used with Hettich’s versatile InnoTech drawer system. It’s never been so easy to organise and access the contents of a drawer.

Kitchen You need to maximise the use of the available space behind the cabinet fronts and have easy access to all contents.

The Easys technology means that you can open a drawer by simply nudging the front with a hip, knee or leg. Safety is not compromised as the drawer’s opening movement is gentle and can be stopped at any time.

This new way of opening drawers of any size is electronically activated and complements the trend towards handle-less design in kitchens. Electric drawers also allow you to design your kitchen with very narrow gaps between the drawer fronts to create a very contemporary and sleek look.

Hettich’s popular InnoTech drawers can be used with or without the Easys electronic drawer opening system. They are a great addition to any kitchen, with options to suit any user. These drawers are available in many different sizes, have the largest range of accessories available in the market and are available in five finishes – white, silver, timber, stainless steel and anthracite (like shiny coal).

With all of the options available, InnoTech drawers can be customised to suit a range of needs. InnoTech drawers run on Quadro drawer slides, which are durable, have integrated Silent System self-closing and dampening (to soften the vibration) and are also available in different load bearing capacities to handle any contents. With InnoTech drawers and Quadro slides a drawer can hold up to 70kg of contents – including pots and pans, baking dishes and platters.

InnoTech drawers have a range of variable interior organisers to manage cutlery, china, gadgets, pots and pans, and even herbs and spices - so you have no excuses when it comes to keeping your kitchen perfectly organised.

Another evolution in kitchen storage from Hettich is the Cosario flap fitting for wall cabinets. It is a small unit that fits neatly underneath overhead cupboards and folds down in a horizontal manner. In this way, it is discreet and goes unnoticed whilst closed, but everything is instantly within easy reach, neatly arranged and accessible when open.

Cosario provides valuable additional storage space for many things that are needed every day - from spices, utensils and ingredients of every kind to knife blocks, small cooking appliances, notepads and pencils. Cosario can be used for a whole variety of applications and ensures that the contents are clearly presented at eye level.

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