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Gorgeous bathrooms for you to relax in

Home Option Gallery is constantly evolving to ensure it can provide its clients with everything the home needs and is very pleased to announce the arrival of Cooks Plumbing in its showroom.

According to Alan Phillips, Home Option Gallery general manager, the new partnership draws on Cooks’ high level of professionalism and expertise in sanitary ware (and kitchen appliances) and adds great value to the education of our clients.

The new permanent display offers a large variety of sanitary ware including toilet pans and cisterns, vanity basins and baths, tapware, accessories and waste systems for the bath, basin and floor.

“We can guide you through the complexities of selecting the right fittings and fixtures for your bathroom, in accordance with your builder’s specifications and the up-to-date range of quality products on display in the Gallery,” said Alan.

“Through the partnership we can also offer stronger buying power to our clients,” he added.

According to Dana Walde, Cooks Plumbing retail & marketing manager, the new display caters for all tastes, concepts and innovations.

“By choosing from a large range of styles that includes the latest trends, people can make well-informed decisions for their bathrooms,” said Dana.

bathroom Many Australians consider the bathroom to be one of the most valuable rooms in the house after the kitchen.

Cooks Plumbing is a family owned business that has operated for 40 years. “At Cooks we have traditionally had a ‘can do…!’ attitude and personal approach,” she said. “This makes us well-aligned with the strong service reputation of Home Option Gallery.”

The showroom display also features a range of kitchen appliances.

Many Australians consider the bathroom to be one of the most valuable rooms in the house after the kitchen, so they often take a lot of time to ensure that it is well-fitted out to serve the needs of all members of their household.

Are Australians developing a bathroom obsession? Over a generation, the average number of bathrooms in new homes has risen in proportion to the larger footprint of the average new home. It is no longer uncommon for new homes to have a master ensuite, a generous family bathroom as well as a guest powder room.

With a renewed interest in health and well-being we seem to be pampering ourselves more and looking to create gorgeous bathrooms that we can relax in. It makes sense then that we also seem to be spending more time in them. We have come a long way from backyard dunnies, nanna toilet roll covers and a get in and get out approach to showering and bathing.

So what’s going on? According to Dana Walde, Cooks Plumbing retail & marketing manager, almost every guest in a home will eventually visit the bathroom and so home owners don’t want to be afraid that their bathroom will not hold up to scrutiny.

“People see their bathrooms as another room of their home to showcase their style and want to be proud of them,” she said. “They also want to choose a look that will serve their needs for years to come without it looking dated or showing signs of age.”

Dana said that the key overriding design look for the bathroom is based on rounded-off or square lines.

“Once you have established your preference you can then tie all the elements together. The sanitary ware – the toilet, basin and bath - is usually chosen first.

“Freestanding baths look great but require a lot of space so are an option for larger bathrooms only,” she said. “However double-bowl vanities are becoming a definite standard in bathrooms where a minimum space of 1.2m to 1.5m for the vanity is available.”

There are many options when choosing the toilet. Rounded models mirror the traditional shape however to match a choice of square lines in the bathroom there are modern angular shapes to complement your look. You may also consider wall hung models that feature concealed cisterns to maximize bathroom space and emphasise neat clean lines.

Dana said more and more people are opting for floor to ceiling tiles as quality tiles have generally become more affordable and people are willing to pay a bit extra for the look and feeling of opulence.

“Large rectangular tiles on the wall (aligned the correct way) help to make smaller rooms look bigger,” she said. “While mosaic tiles work well to accentuate an area of the bathroom.”

Shower screens have become almost invisible with semi-frameless and frameless models very popular. Shower heads now feature flow regulators to improve water efficiencies typically using nine litres of water per minute rather than the 25 litres of water per minute that we grew up with. Multi-functional models also offer different spray patterns such as a fine mist or a stronger flow for a massage effect.

Chrome remains the standout preference for tapware and towel rails. Mixers are popular tapware choices however the popularity of heated towel rails tends to come and go with the seasons.

When choosing a colour scheme for the bathroom, Dana recommends going for a simple colour palette of natural tones to keep the bathroom timeless.

“You can accentuate with bathroom accessories such as well-designed soap dispensers and toilet brushes, or plush bath towels in earthy or vibrant colours to add a touch of glamour or season,” she said.

For more information call Home Option Gallery cooks_logo
on (02) 8860 9333 or see Bathrooms.