A better business option for builders in the residential home building trade

A partnership with Home Option Gallery offers builders a tailored business solution for satisfying the needs of customers when selecting the colours and materials for their new home.

Home Option Gallery is a unique centre providing a full range of home-building related services including colour selections, in-house water board and finance approvals, as well as quality pool, blind and awning quotations. In one central location we offer the established expertise and up-to-date resources to guide clients through their various design choices.

We have the flexibility to maintain a builder’s preferred offering for clients by allowing them to direct the service level and nominated standard inclusions. Home Option Gallery can provide builders with either full or partial service to meet their needs.

So if you're in the building business and would like to learn more about how we can help you, please contact Alan on 02 8860 9333 or email trade@homeoptiongallery.com.au

  • Builder Benefits Benefits for the builder

    A partnership with Home Option Gallery reduces a builder’s total overheads including investment in office space, staff and keeping their colour area up-to-date.

  • Client Benefits Client Benefits

    Our clients rate us highly for our expertise and one-stop shop approach, and value the relationship they form with their appointed complete home consultant.

  • OptionalServices Optional Services

    Talk to us now about how we can best service you and your clients and increase workflow through your office. You can take all of these or as our name indicates choose the OPTIONS your business requires.

  • Proven Expertise Proven Expertise

    Home Option Gallery has become the centralised selection centre utilised by many builders in New South Wales. In the last eighteen months we have grown by more than 50 per cent.

  • One-stop Shop One-stop Shop

    Home Option Gallery offers the convenience of a range of leading supplier indoor and outdoor displays at one central location.

  • Customer Service Customer Service

    Our consultation is personalised in accordance with the builder’s standard inclusions and marketing strategies

  • Supplier Relationships Supplier Relationships

    Home Option Gallery has fostered strong partnerships with our suppliers. They represent the major leading building products and brands, as well as many specialised products.

  • Sound Management Sound Management

    Every builder partnership is covered by commercial in confidence and every builder is given singular attention in meeting their requirements.